Adopt a Kennel Program
Do you love animals but are in a situation where adoption is not possible?  Do you want the Purr-fect gift for someone in your life who loves animals?  Give the gift of life and take part in our “Adopt a Kennel” program.  For less than a dollar a day you can “adopt your own “Kennel Kat” and make a difference with Purrs and Paws.  We will even send you a picture of your cat to present as a gift or keep for yourself. 

The Adopt a Kennel Program is perfect idea for a classroom pet or project. Adopting a cat or kitten teaches children about the many resposibilities and costs involved in pet ownership as well as providing the children with a class mascot.
Memorial and Honorarium Program
Purrs and Paws also accepts donations in memorial or honorarium to a beloved pet. All memorials and honorariums will be listed in future newsletters for our community. 

For $25.00 a month, you can support one of our cats and provide them with food, litter, toys and care.

Please send donantions to:
3857 Route 9L, Lake George NY, 12845.

Upcoming Purr-fect events

Event Corporate Sponsorships are available at both events.  Please call 518.798.0718 for more information.
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