Hi, this is Boog and Mr. Whiskers speaking! We are black cats and we have a few things to say. When we found out that black cats find it hardest to get adopted we couldn't believe our whiskers. We are too often left waiting much longer than "colorful" cats. Some of us spend many months in rescue, sometimes even years, waiting for someone to see past our color. Even black kittens are left until last for adoption. Black cats are just as "pawsome" as every other cat.

So, here are a few reasons why you should adopt a black cat:

1. Black is beautiful. There's the deep, auburn shaded black, the blue black, the black with tiny white highlights here and there, the sleek black, the fluffy black, the black with yellow eyes, the black with green eyes... Well, you get the picture.
2. Black cats have more fun. We are playful, full of spark and energy. We relish new toys, found objects, and are talented at entertaining ourselves for hours. We have to be to make up for this image we somehow got as dull and dreary.
3. Holding a black cat is very slimming.
4. Black cats look super cool in black and white photographs.
5. A lint brush isn't required for a black tie affair.
6. We have a black belt in cuddling.
7. When you love a black cat, luck is on your side.
8. Black cats are like onyx, a beautiful gem.

The best reason to adopt a black cat is that they are just like every other cat. Some are sweet, some are sassy, some are lap cats, some are not. Each will have its own unique personality and temperament. Just like every other cat, we just want to be loved and cared for. When you adopt a black cat, you are opening your heart and providing one of the most loving friendships of your life. So please consider our brother and sister black cats when you are looking for a new fur friend.

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