The Purrs and Paws adoption clinic is finally open!  Our adoption center is home to over 400 kittens and cats that are in desperate need of a loving home that acknowledges their need to be an indoor pet.  All of our cats have undergone medical evaluations and have been immunized before they are moved to the adoption center and if of age, spayed and neutered to help combat animal over population.

We are open Monday - Sunday 7 days a week from 10am-2pm for adoption. We are located behind George's restaurant 3857 Route 9L, Lake George NY, 12845. For more information on how you can adopt the Purr-fect pet, please call 518.798.0718.

Know before you Go!!
At Purrs and Paws, we realize that kittens are the most desired pet but we ask that you also take some time and consider adopting one of our “older” cats that are also in need of a home.  Older cats are just as cute, friendly, lovable and desperately seeking homes filled  with love and life!

For more information, please call 518.798.0718

Happy Tails –Our Spotlight of the Month!
Celia and Rufus were two kittens that were found in an abandoned house in the ceiling.  When animal control officers came to get the scared kittens, they were forced to rip thru the ceiling to save them.  At only two weeks old, they were slated for authorization. Purrs and Paws became aware of the situation, stepped in and rescued the sick and very frail brother and sister duo from death and brought them back to the shelter where they began to nurse them back to health.  Sadly, Rufus didn’t make it but Celia did and was recently adopted.  We do have other Happy Tails that are looking to be adopted.

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