About 17 years ago, Purrs and Paws started by George Patrick and Jeanne Polunci when they decided to rescue “Ecky” from abuse and abandonment. Ecky was scheduled to be put to death as a stray, Patrick said, and their rescue and adoption of Ecky launched them on a mission that he’s been consumed with since.

“We couldn’t stand the crazy killing of perfectly healthy, innocent animals,” he said. “We were absolutely horrified about how animals are routinely euthanized, so we started adopting them,” Since saving Ecky’s life in the late 1980s, Patrick and Polunci have rescued and adopted hundreds of cats, nurturing many from a sickly state back to good health.

Now 17 years and hundreds of cats later, Purrs and Paws is a 501c3 not for profit organization, and Patrick and Polunci's dream is finally becoming a reality thanks to our supporters. We encourage you to come visit the shelter and see "Ecky" and his friends as they come out on the porch to greet our guests. See how your support CAN make a difference.

The efforts of Purrs and Paws is supported entirely through the donations of our community. Through the generous hearts and hands of our donors, we can ensure that every cat in need of a home find a a safe haven regardless of the circumstance in which they come from.

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